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In springtime, just before summer begins, you ought to schedule an annual AC coil cleaning service from Eco AirFlow.

From our Elmwood Park headquarters, we travel to homeowners all across Bergen County and Passaic County to professionally clean your air conditioner coils, change filters, and test the system to help ensure that everything will be running smoothly when the summer heat comes.

It’s easy to forget when it’s time for an AC coil cleaning service — either the last time you ordered it or whether you have ever ordered it. So ask yourself these questions:

  • How often do you use your air conditioner in the summer?
  • How often do you change your air conditioner’s filter?
  • How much dust and debris enters or exits your home via its air passages?
  • How many people and pets live in your home?

Odds are, the voice replying in your head is telling you it’s time to contact Eco AirFlow for an AC coil cleaning service!

We are your friendly neighborhood trustworthy pros who aren’t satisfied until you are. As our reviews will show you, we offer 5-star service throughout Bergen County & Passaic County.

Why It's Time to Order Your AC Coil Cleaning Service:

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16% of total home electricity use goes towards cooling

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A dirty coil can increase your home energy bill by 30%

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A .042″ build-up of dirt on an AC coil can reduce efficiency by 21%

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90% of HVAC system failures are caused by dirt and dust

The benefits of a professional Eco AirFlow AC coil cleaning service:

AC coil fins have tight spacing, which can cause surface moisture during operation while also allowing build-ups of dirt, dust, and other debris from the air flowing across them. With time, this build-up reduces your air conditioner’s ability to transfer heat into and out of the home. In worst cases, these dirty coils can slow or entirely block the airflow that the entire system relies upon. Eco AirFlow helps make sure that our AC coil cleaning service allows your air conditioning system to operate at its peak by being as clean as possible. 

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Increase Cooling Capacity

Excess build-up strains the AC system, causing fans and compressors to work harder, which increases their operating temperatures and weakens their general output.

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Reduce Energy Use

Lower operating efficiency means higher energy costs. You are spending more to keep your indoor spaces cool than is truly required.

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Extend Equipment Life

Because a blocked AC coil causes the compressor to run at higher temperatures, you are wearing out one of the most costly replacements items with the system. By protecting the compressor, you help prevent costly repair bills.

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Eliminate Ice Buildup

A dirty air filter restricts airflow, which can, in turn, cause the coils to drop below freezing. Any humidity in the air just adds to the problem, creating even more ice build-up.

You Can Depend on Our AC Coil Cleaning Service!

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Eco AirFlow values excellent results over sales volume. We are building a strong reputation not only in the Elmwood Park area but throughout Bergen County and Passaic County. One. Building. At. A. Time.

We work quickly, but efficiently. We conduct ourselves professionally at all times both in the manner and execution of our AC condenser coil cleaning. And we check our work carefully when we are done — and before we pack up our tools and vacuumed debris and receive payment. Eco AirFlow is family owned and operated, and we take great family pride in our reputation.

As our many positive Eco AirFlow reviews will attest to you, though, you can depend on us to do the job right and well … the first time.

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We are careful to protect all of your furnishings and flooring while we work, using shoe coverings and drop cloths as we move around.  You will find us to be prompt, courteous, clean, and very effective at providing a far better cooling environment for your home after we leave!

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